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While elsewhere throughout the country many towns have sadly lost their local food shops, and with it the heart of their communities, Topsham has no shortage of great places to buy quality food and drink. Local residents still enjoy the pleasure of the daily interactions at Arthurs Butchery and Delicatessan, Richards Fruit and Vegetables, Derek the mobile fishmonger, Country Cheeses (one of the best cheese shops in the UK) and more. For wine advice talk to Jim at Topsham Wines or sample Topsham’s own Pebblebed made by Geoff Bowen from grapes grown just outside the town. Explore Topsham’s wonderful food and drink shops and rediscover the joys of local shopping.

Arthurs Butchers and Delicatessen
Country Cheeses
Darts Farm Shopping Village
Derek’s mobile fish van
Fish Shed
Good Game
Love Local Food van
Matthews Hall Saturday market
Pebblebed Cellar
Richards Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers
Shaul’s Bakery
Topsham Wines