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Topsham's independent wine merchant

Good independent wine merchants are hard to come by and Jim Kingston is one of the best. Jim offers an extensive range of fine wines from around the world, from traditional wines regions in France, Spain, Italy and elsewhere, as well as wines from ‘new world’ countries like  Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. There is also a comprehensive range of beers, real ales, ciders, spirits and liqueurs.

Why buy from an independent wine merchant rather than a supermarket? Precisely because Jim sources real wines from wine estates and producers that he admires and enjoys. These are the wines that he himself likes to drink. The world today is awash with industrially produced ‘brands’ that frankly taste the same, year in and year out. Real wine is not like this. Come and talk to Jim and discover why. Just drop in for a chat and browse or feel free to call for advice. You won’t necessarily pay any more for your wines, but you will certainly get a lot more pleasure from them. Guaranteed!

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High Street 36
Exeter EX3 0DU England GB
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