Good Game

Nitrate-free artisan Topsham charcuterie

Good Game is a Topsham success story. When Steve Williams and Pete Woodham Kay decided to give up their former careers to cure meat and make artisan charcuterie, people (Willow, Frankee?) must have thought they were crazy. Through their sheer enthusiasm, study, intuitive knowledge of the science of meat curing, and through their own love of all things porky, they have created a business that is going from strength to strength.

From small facilities in Topsham and the Clyst Valley, the Good Game team use traditional simple methods to make great food. Says Steve, “Everything we do is by hand, like true artisans. We cure using only salt and natural Exe and Clyst Valley air. We use no nitrates or saltpetre. We don’t even use commercial drying chambers – we air-cure the traditional old-fashioned way. The Italians are the inspiration. Our signature sausage is a venison salami and a firm favourite is our air-dried coppa ham.”

Good Game’s products can all be sampled and purchased at the Pig & Pallet on Topsham Quay. The Good Game street food stand is also often at food festivals and markets throughout the South West.


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