Darts Farm

Multi-award-winning farm food hall and shopping village

Darts Farm is  a food lovers’ destination in its own right. This abundant farm shop regularly wins national and local awards and is regarded as one of the very best farm shops in the UK.

The Guardian described Darts Farm as ‘like finding Selfridges food hall dumped in the middle of a field’.  Originally a working farm selling its own grown fruit and vegetables straight from field to customer,  Darts Farm has developed into more than just a food shop; today it is a key, multi-destinational site that for more than 30 years attracts locals and visitors alike for its range of associated shops and businesses that share the same values and ethos.

Darts Farm originally started as the first ‘pick-your-own’ in the country, and the Dart family  farm still lies at the heart of the business, supplying its own-grown and daily-harvested vegetables, as well as Red Ruby beef, from cattle finished on the grasslands of the Clyst surrounding the Food Hall, before being butchered, hung and matured by the Darts Farm Butchers. West Country cider is made on the premises, there is outstanding local fish and shellfish, wines come from grapes grown within miles of the farm, and there is a range of artisan-produced cheeses and other fabulous Devon dairy products on hand, as well as much more. The Darts Farm food hall is literally bursting with homemade, local, artisan, traditional and luxury products, created by craftsmen and women with passion and dedication.

Darts Farm has furthermore evolved into a retail hub for nationally acclaimed businesses such as Fired Earth,  The Aga Shop, Cotswold Outdoor, RSPB, and more. There is florist,  beauty therapist and hairdresser, as well as a gift, children’s clothes and toy department.

If looking at and buying all of this wonderful food is making you hungry, then the Darts Farm Restaurant, Deli Bar, and Fish Shed all serve freshly prepared local foods.

Exeter EX3 0QH England GB
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Mon-Sat 8am-7pm; Sun 9.30am-4pm (9.30 - 10.30am viewing time only)