Love Topsham card launches to support local shopping

Topsham has launched a donation scheme and discount card to encourage residents to shop locally whilst raising money for year-round activities to promote the town. 

Topsham community group launches the LOVE TOPSHAM CARD to support its independent shops and get more people shopping locally

The annual Love Topsham Card is available to anyone who makes a minimum donation of just £3 per month (or a one-off payment of £36), and to businesses that sign up and offer an exclusive deal to card holders. Payments can be made via the Love Topsham website, direct with your bank or at a number of shops in town.

The local not-for-profit volunteer group, Love Topsham is leading the initiative, and the team is confident that the idea will be a hit with local residents and regular visitors. The plan is that, when people get their Love Topsham Card, the draw of exclusive discounts and offers from many of the independents around the town will provide them with an incentive to shop more in Topsham, which in turn will boost the local economy and set Topsham apart from other shopping areas.

The Love Topsham group will use the funds to continue improving the town’s website and to build on important promotional projects first set up last year, such as Spring Forward Saturday (celebrating the change to British Summer Time) and various Christmas events.  It also hopes to take steps towards making the town ‘Plastic-smart’.

Buy-in to the scheme from the town’s predominantly independent retailers has been very positive, with businesses offering many enticing deals exclusive to Love Topsham cardholders.

The group sees its work as part of the vision expressed by the late Geoff Bowen, owner of Pebblebed Vineyard, who was passionate about the town and had highlighted the importance of keeping its many independent and quirky shops, cafés and restaurants thriving through changing times.

Paul Berman from the Love Topsham team explained:

‘We believe that the creation of the Love Topsham Card is the perfect response to Geoff’s hopes for the town. Topsham is thriving, with some fantastic new additions to the town this year, but we shouldn’t be complacent. There are a lot of changes to shopping areas nationally as a result of many factors, and we need to be one step ahead, to keep our local business community supported.

‘One of the things that is so attractive about the Love Topsham Card is that it supports and promotes all types of businesses, not just those with a shop front. Plumbers, accountants, shops, cafés, restaurants and holiday lets – all kinds of commercial activities can play their part. By making a donation, businesses can put forward their exclusive offer to Cardholders and promote their business through the scheme. Then, on the receiving end, locals and residents also donate in order to receive the Love Topsham Card. Shopping locally never looked so appealing and, just as importantly, so community-spirited!

‘We have over 20 businesses on board so far, and we envisage this number growing as word spreads about the scheme. Cafés, wine bars, gift and food shops and service businesses; the offers and discounts are rolling in and will make shopping in Topsham even more fun! It’s also helpful for us to be able to predict funds coming in. We can then firm up and deliver our exciting plans and activities for the town.’

In a time where local high streets are under strain from supermarkets, faceless chains and big cities, the Love Topsham team see this as a significant and positive step for the town.

A selection of Love Topsham discounts and offers include:

10% off at the Salutation Inn between 8.30am and 10.30am Monday to Friday

Free premium marketing package worth £500 when you sell your house through Wilkinson Grant Estate Agents

10% off all drinks and food at No.3 Café and Wine Bar

Free Ultrasonic Clean on all spectacles at Peter Tosh Opticians

And much more — to see the most up-to-date and current offers click here

To get involved as an individual or Business Supporter, simply visit the website or contact the team at