Ham Jars

Homemade chutneys in recycled jars from windfall, gathered and donated fruit and vegetables

Topsham has no shortage of enterprising individuals keen to make and share delicious and sustainable things to eat and drink. Ham Jars is one such example, home produced chutney made in recycled jam jars from windfall, gathered and donated fruits and vegetables.

Says Hannah Waite, “HamJars began in September 2013 when I realized I’d accumulated an awful lot of empty jam jars in my kitchen cupboard that I’d used, washed and for whatever reason, not thrown away. Covering a range of sizes from pesto to industrial pickled eggs, I decided I could not bear to submit them to the recycling bin, along with all the other rubbish which probably never sees a recycling plant in its life. I had over 20 at this point, so needed something I could produce en masse and that would not require immediate consumption….and so the most logical (?) thing to do was make chutney – HamJars was born!

“After acquiring my first batch of apples from my parents’ doorstep from a friendly neighbour with a glut, I soon realized how easy chutney was to produce and very quickly ran out of jam jars. The problem had now flipped; how would I get more empty jam jars to supply the increasing supply of apples?! I posted notes through neighbours’ doors, stuck a plea outside my house, and before long the word spread; I had a steady supply of jars delivered to my doorstep! Various locals supported the cause so this, combined with Autumn’s apple overload, allowed me to produce the first HamJars range.”

Recycled, up-cycled, sustainable and delicious, HamJars is a group effort from Hannah’s friends, family, neighbours and strangers, showing what you can produce from other people’s waste.

The Ham Jars range includes Spiced Apple Chutney, Allotment Chutney, Marrow Chutney, Piccalilli and Plum Jam. They can be purchased direct from Hannah, personally delivered (if local).

For prices and to arrange purchase and delivery contact Hannah or text 07877455084

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